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A Conversation with Mike Harding
Columbus Business First, September 11, 2009

In addition to his role as president, Harding is a portfolio manager at the firm he founded in 2005. Harding Financial specializes in performance-based wealth management and customized investment strategies. Before launching the company, Harding, 32, spent eight years with investment firms Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch working on strategies for high-net-worth individuals and managing more than $160 million of client assets. The native of Worthington holds a degree in financial management from Ohio State University.

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“Business Talk with Pete McDowell” Interview with Mike Harding
98.9 FM The Answer, Aired August 2013
Michael discusses how he got started in the financial services industry and his views on the conflicts of interest between many sales focused advisors and the best interest of individual investors.
Saving, maintaining emergency funds, and making sure families have enough liquidity available outside of retirement accounts in the case of emergencies or unexpected investment opportunities is critically important to long term financial success.
An advisor who understands the investment “personality” of each individual client is in a better position to evaluate the risk tolerance of that investor, eliminating the potential of emotional decision making during volatile markets. Long term investment success is determined by consistent portfolio defense during weak markets not by aggressively trying to capture every percentage point of market gains during strong markets.
Michael discusses the strength of the United States and the reality that we have experienced difficult periods much worse than even the past several years yet we have come through each difficult period even stronger than we were before. Small business will be the key to the revival of the U.S. economy.
“Local Business Spotlight” Interview with Mike Harding
WRFD 880am, Aired May 25, 2013