Certified Financial Planning & Investment Portfolio Management


Without direction and discipline, people typically make impulsive, random decisions. Over time different pieces of their financial picture not only don’t fit together, they may actually conflict with each other, making it more difficult to accomplish goals.

Our CFP process integrates your resources with your goals and objectives. It strives to help you achieve your lifetime goals by providing clarity to your actions. Together, we’ll develop sound financial strategies to help meet your needs now and into the future.

Our Investment portfolio management goes beyond just the accounts HFG manages.  We also consult on accounts held away in order to ensure we have a complete picture of our client’s overall portfolio, avoiding overlapping and overweight investing.  Duplicate investing or a lack of proper asset allocation can dramatically hurt long term portfolio performance.

We ensure all pieces of a client’s financial puzzle fit together.

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Comprehensive Overview of Client Goals & Expectations

Over a period of a couple meetings and throughout the working relationship, you and Michael Harding will talk about your current financial situation and gather any necessary documents. Together, you will define your personal and financial goals, including timeframes. Each portfolio is custom created to ensure we address the individual needs and goals of every client.

Risk Management

Our primary goal is to preserve wealth while providing our clients a reasonable rate of return. Consider this; if an investor invests $100 and loses 50% they have $50 remaining. In order to get back to even, they will need to earn a 100% rate of return on the remaining funds. Long term investing success depends on successful defense of a portfolio during difficult markets.

Investment Analysis & Selection

Our thorough research and investment selection process has benefited our clients through the successful investment strategies we employ. We carefully evaluate and consider the impact of macroeconomic variables such as interest rates, commodity prices, inflation, war, and banking crises—just to name a few. Our top-down research begins by thinking about the big picture to identify the current sectors, which will be impacted by major events -then deciding whether to over or underweight investments in particular sectors of the global investment market.

Quarterly Performance Review with Client

An optimally sized client list allows HFG to not only build customized portfolios, but build strong relationships with each family. That relationship is built over time through quarterly meetings where HFG ensures the client understands the investments within the portfolio and the rationale for each investment made. Quarterly meetings are also an excellent opportunity to address financial planning concerns or major life changes.

Wealth & Estate Planning

Our clients prefer to see their life savings passed on to their children, grandchildren or a charity rather than depleted by a long term care event or by estate taxes. We proactively work with CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorneys and our clients to ensure client wealth is protected for future generations.

Long Term Care Planning

The costs of home care services, assisted living accommodations and nursing home care are becoming prohibitively expensive and putting unprecedented strain on family budgets and retirement savings. A sound Long Term Care Plan combined with risk management strategies initiated by HFG provides a safety net for our clients in the event Long Term Care is required.