Market Commentary

Mar 312009

One hardly made it through the month of March without hearing or reading the quote from William Shakespeare’s play Julies Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March.”  As we know, Caesar shrugged off the Soothsayer’s warning.  Later in the day he jokingly pointed out to the Soothsayer, Spurinna, “The Ides of March are come”, indicating Caesar [Full Text]

Dec 312008

While “change” is supposed to define 2009, I have found it written nowhere in my research that change is necessarily for the better.  In fact, it has been said the more things change the more they stay the same. While I did allow myself a softly spoken “woo-hoo” as the clock struck 4:00pm December, 31st, [Full Text]

Sep 302008

It’s getting chilly out there so let’s toss another billion on the fire.  What’s that make it? Let’s see: $29 billion for Bear Stearns, $100 billion each for Fannie and Freddie, $85 billion for AIG and $400 billion for the Paulson-Bernanke plan of endowing the FDIC so it can insure money market funds. Oh, let’s [Full Text]

Jun 302008

It’s a hazardous habit common in those who have observed a few market cycles to start looking around the corner well before the end of the block.  Good stocks can begin to seem cheap on their way to becoming even cheaper; and what seems a crescendo of investor panic often gets only louder.  As I [Full Text]

Mar 312008

The first quarter of 2008 is in the books and the human impulse to anticipate change with the arrival of spring has investors, brutalized over the long winter, looking for change as well.   Over the past quarter, the Standard & Poor’s 500 rose or fell by more then 1% per day during 54% of the [Full Text]

Dec 312007

As 2007 slips into history, we are left with a big question to answer: Is the bull market of the last 6 years still alive?  Half of the financial market analysts believe in the continued strength of the consumer, a rebound of the dollar, lower inflation and an ongoing bull market. “A recession will be [Full Text]

Jun 302007

Stocks have moved up stubbornly on good and bad news, or even when there is no news, for almost a year.  That hot streak of 4 winning quarters ended on a sour note in June when stocks pulled back to register just their second decline in 13 months.  In June, the Dow slid 1.6% to [Full Text]