Market Commentary

Dec 312016
Year End 2016 Summary

While the headlines announced huge returns for investors, 2016 will be remembered by financial professionals as the year of dispersion.  The Dow Jones, a price weighted average of 30 significant stocks which are traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ, returned 13.4%.  The S&P500 (comprised of 500 large US companies and calculated in a way where [Full Text]

Sep 302016
Third Quarter 2016 Summary

During the 3rd quarter of 2016, the S&P 500 began to experience more volatility but did move slightly higher for the quarter. Though we are higher on a quarter over quarter basis, we remain within a few percentage points of where the S&P traded during Q4 2014.  I share the frustration of my clients when [Full Text]

Jun 302016
Second Quarter 2016 Summary

Just a week ago, I intended to write the third quarter commentary about  the “Brexit” and the ramifications of the vote but these days the market moves so fast that by the time you read this letter, the Brexit will be in the rear view mirror if not entirely forgotten – by United States markets [Full Text]

Mar 312016
First Quarter 2016 Summary

What a quarter it has been.  As the new year began, the markets lost 10% seemingly before the champagne was sucked dry from the celebratory New Year’s glasses.  And in equally hasty fashion the weak money was pushed out of the market and those who were looking for good entry points moved in snapping the [Full Text]

Dec 312015
Year End 2015 Summary

The market is at a crossroads here at the beginning of 2016. As we celebrate a new year, emotions are running high as the Federal Reserve moves rates higher, the Chinese economy slows, the dollar strengthens, the United States is in the third quarter of an industrial recession, potentially dipping into a full blown recession [Full Text]

Sep 302015
Third Quarter 2015 Summary

In Buckeye Country we know championship teams have one thing in common – a good defense. This principle can be applied to the stock market as well. You can’t win unless you have a predetermined defense strategy to prevent excessive losses. I say “predetermined” because either before or at the time of purchase, is the [Full Text]

Jun 302015
Second Quarter 2015 Summary

Market & Investment Overview Volatility is a fact of life for investors right now, as one crisis after another threatens stock markets around the world. Tensions in the Middle East, the euro-zone crisis, conflict in Ukraine, the Chinese market meltdown, and a pending Puerto Rico default are all keeping investors on their toes and advisors [Full Text]

Mar 312015
First Quarter 2015 Summary

Though we’ve repeatedly heard market pundits talk about reaching all-time highs, the market has actually been bouncing sideways since mid-November – albeit at all-time highs. We have entered a grinding period in the market where we will discover if the economy has enough velocity to smoothly transition to a rising rate environment. Will corporate earnings [Full Text]

Dec 312014
Year End 2014 Summary

Welcome to 2015! Is this the year our domestic markets take a breather after a solid 5 year run or does the last gasp of quantitative easing and a nearly 50% reduction in oil prices over the past several months take the market parabolic, a distant echo of 1999? Regardless of what the broad market [Full Text]

Sep 302014
Third Quarter 2014 Summary

Corrections are an inevitable part of investing. Since 1932, declines of 10% to 20%, the traditional definition of a correction, have occurred on average every two years. The last one was in 2011 (though we came close in 2012). The physics of the market haven’t changed: What goes up can’t go up forever. Substandard economic reports, [Full Text]